Spartacos  floor service-hatches, available in 4 standard cut-out dimensions (540×300 mm – 540×442 mm – 540×583 mm – 540x725mm), are the revolutionary product that enables the bodybuilders to cover most of their needs in floor hatches, avoiding the high costs of self-in-house-manufacturing.

Scalabros selected sevaral types of PU with which we produce extremely light but rexisting assemblying-frames and super strong but flexible covers that allow also grate weight savings. (Just as an example our biggest hatch – 540×725 mm – with frame doesn’t weigh more than 4,6 Kg).

If you need them to access the engine compartment: they can be fit with an optional reflecting-multi-layer panel which grants even higher sound and heat insultation by adding only a 1.8 Kg  to the total weight of Spartacos’ service-hatches.

Spartacos floor service-hatches are homologated ECE/ONU R-118-02 also against fuel leaks.