About Us

Benedetto and Giovanni Scalabrini (the Scala-bros), after ten years of experience in the sales departments of important companies operating in the field of buses, trains, special vehicles and industrial vehicles in general, decided to make a first big step and start their own company as sales agents in the same segment.

In July 2008 they founded SCALABROS S.R.L., a company acting as sales agency and representation for producers of components and fittings for buses, coaches, trains and industrial vehicles.

During the years the Scalabros could get acquainted with the Italian and foreign markets and build up trustful relationships with their customers. Thanks to this, the company could be successful already from the very beginning of its challenge on the market, a period which has corresponded to the biggest economical crisis since 1929.

Since the very beginning they were selling & distributing Led lights, roof-top ventilators, heating systems and convectors, hopper and sliding windows, air-conditioning, and bellows for articualted buses.

SCALABROS is also working as market consultant for companies which prefer just a temporary support and help to enter European and Non-European markets.

At the beginning of year 2012 after an unespected interruption of one of their longer-lasting agencies, the Scalabros took a new and revolutionary step forward: they decided to conceive, design and manufacture their own rollerblinds & roof-hatches for buses and vehicles. It was so that just in a few months, but thanks to a 15-years-old experience, a new brand came strongly and quickly on the market : SPARTACOS which after just a few years is already one of the most sold in the EMEA markets.