Our philosophy

During all our experience we could see that in order to be successful on more and more demanding and global markets, the only way is to have technical know how, high quality products, competitive prices but expecially to be able to speak the language of your partners and to understand their mentality.
For sure our successful results are a source of motivation for us to continue on this way: indeed global thinking, and flexibility are the philosophy and attitude inspiring both our representation and production activities.
It’s for us a revolutionary project based on a strong and united team fully customer-listening oriented, where everybody is happy to work by putting in common its skills, opinions and experiences to the benefit of innovation. This attitude, which is taking advantage of several patents (some created by us), has brought Scalabros to convince very quickly some prestigious national and international customers in trusting and choosing our proudly Made-in-Italy products and the Bologna Chamber of Commerce to award us with the Research and Innovation 2012 Prize..