SPARTACOS rollerblinds are all customized by the millimeter and have adjustable fixation brackets. They are available in a wide range going from the simplest version – just a piece of cloth on a rollertube and side stop hooks – till side-guided blinds which can be manually blocked at any height, till scissors blinds manually or electrically operated at 12V or 24V.

In our rollerblinds, we take special care on the esthetic of the textiles, all welded and seamless, we exploit several patents, among which the most special one is our optional anti-shock winding smoother. Of course, our products are all “95/28 /CE – Reg. ECE/ONU n. 1 18-2 & 72/245 /CE – 2009/19 /CE – reg. ECE/ONU n. 10-05 ” homologated.


Rollerblinds and sunshades accessories
Manual rollerblinds with hooks
Manual rollerblinds with guide rods
Manual rollerblinds with rails
Manual rollerblinds with ratchet pantograph
Manual rollerblinds with friction pantograph
Electric rollerblinds with guide rods
Electric rollerblinds with rails
Electric rollerblinds with pantograph