SCALABROS’ products, branded SPARTACOS (ROOF-HATCHES, FLOOR-HATCHES, ROLLERBLINDS, SUN SHADES AND SUN VISORS), are available in a huge range and most of them are adjustable by the millimeter to the customers’ dimensions. If you don’t find in that range yet what you’re looking for, then just tell us and we’ll put all our energies in developing a specific solution for you. At SCALABROS’ you’ll find also LED lights, Sliding and Hopper Windows, heaters and convectors, air-conditioners, roof-top ventilators, folding bellows for articulated busses and we can help you in your search for any interior vehicle fittings. Even if SCALABROS manufactures mostly for the OEM body builders, we are able to produce even just one unit to customers dimensions, this means that we are happy to serve even private users and drivers, this is even more true for caravan and motorhomes owners for whom we’re developing a guided rollerblind model, with both sunvisor and privacy functions, ready-to-fit on all Ducato windshileds starting from the x244 range, to the x290 through the x250.