SPARTACOS emergency and ventilation roof-hatches comply perfectly to “EC 2001/85” and the new models that we launched in 2015 are the first available on the market already compliant to R107 regulation. Indeed, thanks to some technical and productive tricks, we can costumize them by the millimeter. SCALABROS’ patented ejection mechanism enables us to manfacture our escape hatches with the most varied roof materials ranging from safety tempered glass to UV-protected ABS, from double glazed glass to metal sheet, from aluminium till shockproof or bulletproof polycarbonate. SPARTACOS hatches have been designed with special attention to the environment and to pollution reduction, they are in fact among the lightest on the market, to such an extent our 970×530 mm double-glazed version is lighter than the single glass hatches of many competitors wheras the newest R107-compliant hatches in PMMA satisfy all types of climate and grant similar insulating properties to double glasses, with up to 8 Kg weigh-saving on a surface of 970×630 mm. Our manual and electric (12V and 24V) reach a 14 Cm ventilation aperture, which grants the highest airflow on the market to the greatest comfort of the passangers ever. Our plastics are Reg. ECE/ONU n.118-02″ compliant, our glasses are R43 approved and our motors are Reg. ECE/ONU n. 10-05″ homologated.