Scalabros developed the Scalabrollo, which is a rollerblind that – except protecting the eyes from the sunbeams while you drive – can be used also as a full sunshade for the windshield of your Recreational Vehicle. Scalabros is specialised in the customisation of the dimensions of its sunblinds for the serial production of industrial vehicles and caravan in general. From this experience they imagined a product which would be easyly assembled also in the aftermarked and basically on every small caravan such as those on Ducato basis or even minvans such as VW T5 and VW T6. After having driven in full confort thanks to the Scalabrollo, once you arrive to your destination you can use it to protect your vehicle from the overheating of your windshield and your privacy by simply unrolling it fully down

if instead you have a motorhome with already a sunshade, the Scalabrollo is perfect to be assembled upside-down as a privacy blind.

And to shade the lateral windows Scalabros produces, upon customers’ sizes, a set of magnetic shades or of self-adhesive material which avoid the annoying and never working suckers.

But Scalabros’ self-adhesivive and or magnetic shades are pefect not only for the windows of your recreational vehicle, they can in fact be perfectly adapted to the windows of your car, for a perfect solar protection expecially of your kids.

Thanks to its experience on the original RVs  Scalabros can off course adapt to private vehicles its scissor manual or electric rollerblinds.


So if you have a Ducato x230, or x244 or x250 or x250 as well as any other recretional vehicle don’t hesitate to contatct Scalabros or its distributor, so that you’ll be sure that you’ll enjoy you caravan at best, being protected from the sun and the light while you drive, while you sleep or when you simply are parked in front of a wonderful landscape.